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Diamond Screw Back Earrings

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These classic diamond solitaire earrings are made with 14K white, yellow, or rose gold. It's is set with a lab-grown diamond and has a screw back closure. These earrings are available in all three colors, 14k white, yellow, and rose gold. They can also be made with a push back closure.

Total Carat Weight is 0.30
VS1 - Clarity
E- Color

What you need to know about lab-grown diamonds

What are lab-grown diamonds? Are they real diamonds? What are the benefits of purchasing a lab-grown or engineered and cultured diamond compared to buying a regular diamond? Using new cutting edge technology, the diamond you have been dreaming of can be made in a more sustainable, mining free, cruelty-free, and eco-friendly way. These diamonds are real and are physically, chemically, and optically the same as Earth-mined diamonds. New technological developments have made it possible to replicate the natural process of the way natural diamonds form. The benefits of purchasing a cultured diamond range from the more affordable prices to its significant impact on the environment, which prevents excessive use of energy and mining of Earth’s natural resources.

Our goal is to produce high quality, affordable, and environmentally friendly jewelry, each with its’ own unique touch.

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Ok, LOVE. I was on the fence about this since it’s not my normal style but it is SO freakin cute! My boyfriend loves it too. I was also a little nervous since I usually wear an 8mm bar, but since it’s a longer piece it works. I hope it doesn’t tarnish in the shower since I’m too lazy to take my jewelry in and out before I hop in but we’ll see! I’m thinking it shouldn’t. Also, shipping was SUPER fast, like almost Amazon fast haha. And the seller sent me a coupon via email which I appreciated since I always lose the ones that come with the package! :D

Krista B

I love this piercing soooo much , its so pretty and different. I'll never go back to my normal ones 😂 she even gave me a free gift , and everything I've received from her came packaged with such care and a hand written note.

Sofia W

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