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Lab Created Diamond Heart Necklace

Lab Created Diamond Heart Necklace

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This geometric pendant goes perfectly with any outfit and can be worn to any event. It is great to layer with other necklaces or wear it by itself. The centerstone is a lab-grown diamond which is eco-friendly, more affordable than a regular diamond, and cruelty-free. This pendant complements the delicate shape of your décolleté while bringing attention to not only your neck and collarbones but illuminates your skin tone. Elegant, classy, and fabulous for everyday wear. 

This necklace has a 14k solid gold diamond cut cable link chain with a sturdy lobster lock system. I make this in every 14k gold color, white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. 

If you would like customization or if you would like an option that you do not see, please email me, and I will do my best to accommodate you. 


14k gold

0.10-carat lab grown diamond

1.6 grams

lobster lock 

diamond cut cable link chain with a lobster lock

What you need to know about lab-grown diamonds...

What are lab-grown diamonds? Are they real diamonds? What are the benefits of purchasing a lab-grown or engineered and cultured diamond compared to buying a regular diamond? Using new cutting edge technology, the diamond you have been dreaming of can be made in a more sustainable, mining free, cruelty-free, and eco-friendly way. These diamonds are real and are physically, chemically, and optically the same as Earth-mined diamonds. New technological developments have made it possible to replicate the natural process of the way natural diamonds form. The benefits of purchasing a cultured diamond range from the more affordable prices to its significant impact on the environment, which prevents excessive use of energy and mining of Earth’s natural resources. 

Our goal is to produce high quality, affordable, and environmentally friendly jewelry, each with its’ own unique touch.


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  • an absolute must-have!! such a gorgeous gorgeous piece of jewelry <3 i've been wearing it everyday for a month and get so many compliments on it <33


  • Its absolutely stunning. Isabel responded really quickly to my questions and shipping was super fast. Some of the sale proceeds go to a good cause too, Will never stop buying from this shop <3

  • super cute and sexy,

    i love it!

  • I'm absolutely obsessed!!! It's super cute!! And it's comfortable! Just be careful not to get it caught on anything

    (that doesn't happen often though)